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Ravencroft Lodge is located on the south shore of seldom-frequented Port Fidalgo Inlet, in the eastern sector of Prince William Sound. We are 40 miles from Valdez, 50 miles from Cordova and 90 miles from Whittier. These distances are water-taxi mileage. Float-plane distances are somewhat shorter and are normally gauged in flight time rather than miles. By float-plane, Ravencroft Lodge is approximately 20 minutes from Valdez, 20 minutes from Cordova and 1 Hr. and 15 minutes from Anchorage. Port Fidalgo is surrounded by rain forested slopes backed by high mountain peaks. It has several sheltered bays with short coastal rivers at their head.


Alaska Salmon FishingWorld Class Alaska Fishing

The fishing here is fabulous. Fishing for 'feeder' King Salmon is available in April and May. In late June /early July, Pink Salmon arrive by the millions, schooling in the bays in preparation for running up the coastal streams to spawn. The Pink Salmon fishing is excellent through mid August. In early August, the Silver Salmon (Coho's) arrive and cruise the beaches and bays in large schools, waiting for the Pinks to finish, so they can go upstream to spawn. Silver Salmon fishing runs August through September. From the Lodge, we fish for the salmon in the saltwater. They are still ocean- fresh and full of energy, having just arrived out of the Pacific Ocean and not having spawned yet. They are bright, powerful and tackle-busting. We recommend fly-fishing for Coho's in the surf. You will never forget it.


In addition to the salmon fishing, we have great Halibut fishing near the lodge. There is also a large variety of other species to fish for, and they are sometimes hard to keep off your hook while Halibut fishing. Stalking the big Salmon Sharks which follow the salmon migrations up our inlet is a new and exciting aspect of fishing at Ravencroft.


Alaska FishingGuided Fishing

Ravencroft Lodge's Guided Fishing packages are designed for the person who wishes to come and relax and leave everything to us. A knowledgeable guide, for every one to four fishermen, will pilot your fishing skiff each day, taking care of the boat, tackle and bait/lures, as well as clean, package and freeze your catch at the end of each day. Fishing will be for Salmon, Dolly Varden Trout, Halibut, Rockfish and Cod. Our newest and most exciting package is Salmon Shark fishing, from our 37-foot motor cruiser. Ravencroft Lodge offers two distinctly different types of packages. You can either come to the Lodge on a Guided Package, or you may choose to do a Self-Guided Package. Choosing the right package for you and your group depends upon several factors, including your experience and comfort level, as well as experience with operating boats and/or kayaks in a coastal marine environment. Also, your familiarity with Alaska weather and wildlife.


Alaska Halibut FishingSelf Guided Fishing and Kayaking

Our Self-Guided packages are less expensive than our Guided packages, and designed for people with some fishing or kayaking experience, or those who simply feel they would prefer to 'be your own guide, on your own schedule', while at the lodge. The lodge provides an informative training/orientation which covers the operation of the particular fishing skiff or kayaks to be used, as well as all peripheral gear, safety equipment & radios, and safety procedures. Also included is a discussion of the area's geography, weather, fishing hotspots, fishing methods, which can be as detailed as you request. Although we feel that our training/orientation will address every aspect of your stay at the lodge, we do not guarantee that it will cover any and all situations that may arise, nor that it will enable you as a watercraft operator or group participant, to make a proper decision if an emergency occurs while your are fishing or kayaking. Incredible fishing grounds are only 5 minutes away and usually within site of the lodge.












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