Captain Peacock Bass Fishing Trips    

Fly into Manaus, Amazonas - Brazil, where English-speaking staff will meet you at the airport and assist you while you are in town. At the airport new, air-conditioned mini buses will transport you to the Quality Inn for the night. The upscale Manaus Quality Hotel is located in one of the most charming areas in the city. It is adjacent to Manauara Shopping, the largest and best shopping mall in Manaus. Quality Hotel is also surrounded by the best restaurants and shops and is close to downtown Manaus. The hotel offers comfortable rooms with free broadband internet service.. The hotel is about 20 minutes from the airport.


Peacock Bass Fishing YachtYou're Almost There!

Next day early A.M., the team will transfer you from the hotel to the executive airport for the charter flight. The twin engine turbo prop 18 seat aircraft EMBRAER 110 P1 charter will fly you directly to either the city of Barcelos (75 min flight) or to the city of Santa Isabel (95 min flight). Upon arrival in Barcelos or Santa Isabel, the yacht manager will transfer you to the 125 foot luxury mother ship – your floating hotel for the next 7 days of fishing. Barcelos is 350 years old and the original Portuguese capital of the Amazon. Barcelos (300 miles from Manaus) has 25,000 residents while Santa Isabel (450 miles from Manaus) has 3,500.

Start fishing. The crew of 17 members including the executive Chef, fishing guides, boat housekeepers, skippers, among others, will make sure that on each and every day of your Rio Negro River fishing trip you will have the opportunity to experience this unique place on earth called the Amazon. Beyond the fishing, the focus is to introduce you to the beauties and wonders of the Amazon. If desired, the guides can take you on amazing eco adventures around the fishing grounds such as visiting Indian villages and viewing flora and fauna of the rainforest. It will be an opportunity to make the trip a memorable one in your life.


Captain Peacock Berthing CabinPeacock Bass Fishing Season

From September through March (6 and ½ months) We typically fish in the Upper Rio Negro watershed, 1200 - 1400 miles from the ocean, from September through March following the main river and its tributaries between Barcelos and Santa Isabel. With the trips originating in Manaus, Brazil, it requires only a charter flight and a short trip on the yacht to set you in remote spots and secret lagoons. You will experience fishing for trophy peacocks in one of the most awe inspiring locations in the world, the Amazon.


Experience the Amazon Peacock Bass


Peacock Bass FishingThe Mighty Peacock

This colorful hard fighting fish, often weighing 25 lbs or better, is an aggressive feeder that will come out of 20 feet of water to smash huge, noisy top water lures with a vengeance. Occasionally they will knock a big 7” Wood Chopper top water lure 5 to 6 feet in the air on a missed strike. Although a Peacock Bass feeds and fishes like a Largemouth Bass, the Peacocks are actually a member of the aggressive Cichlid family of South American fishes and not a member of the same family as the Large Mouth Bass. Visualize a 25 lbs Smallmouth Bass, having a bad hair day, and you will get an idea of what a Peacock Bass’ temperament and fighting ability are all about! Peacock Bass will readily strike jerk baits, spoons, jigs and flies, but that explosive top water strike on a big Woodchopper or Rip Roller is what people come to Brazil’s Amazon to experience.










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