Argentina Hunting Trips    

Experience premium Argentina dove hunting with renowned Argentina hunting guides and trusted outfitters, Fly Fishing Patagonia. We offer the finest Argentina dove and duck hunts and Argentina Dorado fishing trips in the remote corners of Entre Rios and Corrientes providences. Here one can have only high volume dove shooting or create their own Argentina hunting adventure mixed with duck and Perdiz hunting, Dorado fishing and activities for non-hunting companions. The diversity of prime sporting and non-shooting opportunities make this one of the World’s finest wing shooting and fishing destinations.


Argentina Dove HuntingArgentina Dove Hunting

Argentina Dove hunting as it should be, fast paced, challenging and diverse. We offer Argentina dove hunting over various terrain and crops, plus incredible Argentina pigeon hunting as well. After years of outfitting in various parts of Argentina, we know that some of the finest Argentina dove hunting and pigeon hunting happens right here in Esquina, Corrientes. The large populations Eared Dove and Spotted Winged and Picazuro Pigeons are responsible for 20-25% of crop loss in Corrientes.  Local farmers welcome our guests to hunt both doves and pigeons in their fields of corn, wheat, sorghum, rice and other crops. This means you’ll be hunting in various terrains and see plenty of birds.  Dove Hunts »


Duck Hunting in ArgentinaArgentina Duck Hunting

Experience the best Argentina duck hunting in Esquina Corrientes. Literally millions of ducks winter in the low wetlands and delta of the Parana River drainage and we've got 6000 prime, private acres on this awesome duck factory. From May 1- August 31, our duck hunting guests will see hundreds of ducks every morning and shoot multiple species, plus have an Argentina mixed-bag wing shooting experience with dove and pigeon hunts and hunting the famed upland game of Argentina, the perdiz. Duck Hunting »


South American Perdiz HuntingPerdiz Hunting in Argentina

Argentina perdiz hunting is arguably the most exciting upland game and the Corrientes providence has the highest population of perdiz in Argentina. On our exclusive estancia and other neighboring ranches we hunt highly productive fields for the Argentina perdiz. While hunting you will see 20-30 perdiz in a single afternoon and most hunters reach the daily bag limit of 8 perdiz. Our top trained pointers and Brittany’s are the best in the area for your hunting success.  Perdiz Hunts »


Dorado Fishing ArgentinaFreshwater Dorado Fishing

Parana River Delta which are a labyrinth of water and vegetation channels created by the convergence of the two rivers. The Corriente starts 350 kilometers up river from Esquina where it is formed by waters draining the Esteros de Ibera (Ibera Marshlands). Although the still waters of the Ibera Marshland hold Dorado, success depends on precise and delicate casts. The moving waters of the Corriente River and Parana River Delta are less technical and give anglers better chances to catch fish. The Golden Dorado is a great fighter and earned the name "River Tiger"  Dorado Fishing »













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