High Volume Dove Hunting Argentina    

Argentina Dove hunting as it should be, fast paced, challenging and diverse. We offer Argentina dove hunting over various terrain and crops, plus incredible Argentina pigeon hunting as well. After years of outfitting in various parts of Argentina, we know that some of the finest Argentina dove hunting and pigeon hunting happens right here in Esquina, Corrientes. The large populations Eared Dove and Spotted Winged and Picazuro Pigeons are responsible for 20-25% of crop loss in Corrientes. Local farmers welcome our guests to hunt both doves and pigeons in their fields of corn, wheat, sorghum, rice and other crops. This means you’ll be hunting in various terrains and see plenty of birds.


Argentina Dove HuntingArgentina Dove Hunting

During one of our Argentina dove hunting trips, a hunter can easily shoot about a 1000 shells per day at Eared Dove. But if that's not enough, we’ll also be shooting at Spotted Winged and Picazuro Pigeons. Pigeons are a fabulous game bird with their fast, erratic flight pattern and our guides are very effective in drawing them in with decoys. Some guests enjoy pigeons hunting more than the Argentina dove hunts because it's just like duck hunting only on dry ground. They will certainly add sport and embarrassment to your shooting abilities. Having the pigeons intermixed with the dove, plus the various crops and farms used, makes this location exceptional for dove hunters looking for a unique experience. 


Estancia La PeladaSouth America Wingshooting

Normally, our Argentina dove hunts are all day with a traditional asado or barbeque out in the field, eating under a large tent or trees. During all hunts, shooters will enjoy a bird boy and a resting chair. Although many people use a 12 gauge for Argentina dove and duck hunts, we recommend 20 gauges for the doves. Our Argentina dove hunting and pigeon hunting has no limits and is available year round. All Birds not used by the estancia are consumed by locals. Our Argentina dove hunts would not be complete with out a few hours in the duck blind. Our dove hunters are welcome to mix up the shooting by incorporating duck hunting or perdiz hunting into their itinerary.


With advance notice we can turn exiting Argentina dove hunts into a mixed bag wing shooting experience of a lifetime. After a morning in the blind we’ll drive to one of our many neighboring farms and hunts doves until dark. Since there are also doves and pigeons on our ranch, we may stay and hunt there. Inquire about our Argentina dove and duck hunts today.













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