Perdiz - Upland Game Hunts in Argentina    

Argentina perdiz hunting is arguably the most exciting upland game and the Corrientes providence has the highest population of perdiz in Argentina. On our exclusive estancia and other neighboring ranches we hunt highly productive fields for the Argentina perdiz. While hunting you will see 20-30 perdiz in a single afternoon and most hunters reach the daily bag limit of 8 perdiz. Our top trained pointers and Brittany’s are the best in the area and will greatly enhance your hunting experience.


Perdiz Hunting in ArgentinaArgentina Perdiz Hunting

Perdiz hunts are usually after a morning duck hunt and fine lunch. Two hunters per dog and guide will have access 1000’s of acres of private pastures and grasslands. The walking is easy and hunters should use lightweight hunting boots. Although you will here no other hunters, we recommend you wear blaze orange. Spotted Tinamou or Perdiz is a distant cousin of the ostrichand a fast runner. It stands like a gray partridge, looks like a female pheasant and has a bit more mass than a bob-white quail.  When threaten, these birds will keep their head low and still.


PerdizSouth American Wingshooting

Only the presence of a well trained dog will make the perdiz take to the air. Our pointers will signal the scent with a point. When the bird moves or a breeze picks up, they will crouch lower and almost crawl to locate the bird. Their flush is explosive and heart stopping with a low fast flight which can sometimes be as close as 15 feet away. Since perdiz don’t covey, a flush will produce one bird and two at most. We recommend a 20 or even a 16 gauge for hunting the Argentine perdiz. Please advise us in advance should you be bringing any gauge besides a 12 and 20.


Dog Retrieving PerdizUpland Bird Hunts

It’s a bit larger than a Bob-white Quail and has similar colors as a female pheasant. When threaten, the Perdiz will either lie still with its head low or will discreetly flee on foot. Normally the Perdiz will only take to the air with the presence of a dog. A flush will produce one or two birds and be low and fast. It can also be heart stopping when if comes from only a few feet away! Our Brittany’s and pointers are the best in the area and will significantly enhance your hunting experience. In the last year, we had one guest offer $13,500.00 for our finest pointer.














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