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Dorado fishing in Argentina is the most exhilarating freshwater fishing you will ever do - and the best Dorado waters are in Esquina, Corrientes. Their sharp teeth and explosive leaps make them the strongest, meanest and most aggressive Salmonid out there. This fish hits like a tuna and jumps like a tarpon! Argentina Dorado fishing is like saltwater fishing but in fresh water. The Argentina Dorado eats mostly other fish including piranha but will eat (or at least try to kill) almost any well presented 3-12 inch fly or crank bait. Argentina has recently taken a major step in preserving the Golden Dorado or Salminus Maxillosus by declaring it the national fish of Argentina starting January 1, 2008. It is now unlawful to harvest a single dorado inside Argentina! Now our prime waters are guaranteed to become ever better in the future.


Argentina Dorado FishingArgentina Dorado Fishing

In addition to the freshwater Golden Dorado, these rivers are also home to large surubi catfish, tararira, palometa, piranha, sabalo, boga, pacu, chafalote and pira pita. The Golden Dorado, piranha and palometa are the most common species caught in the Esquina, Corrientes area.  The sub tropical climate of northern Argentina is teeming with exotic wildlife such as water buffalos, hundreds of birds and butterflies, the capivara and giant aloe vera plants.  We fish the Corrientes and Parana rivers as well as the Parana River Delta which are a labyrinth of water and vegetation channels created by the convergence of the two rivers. The Corrientes starts 350 kilometers up river from Esquina where it is formed by waters draining the Esteros de Ibera (Ibera Marshlands). Although the still waters of the Ibera Marshland hold Dorado, success depends on precise and delicate casts. The moving waters of the Corriente River and Parana River Delta are less technical and give anglers better chances to catch fish.


Fishing ArgentinaFreshwater Golden Dorado

We use only the finest native guides, comfortable flats-style fishing boats, and offer fast access to the diverse and Dorado filled waters of Corriente and Parana Rivers. Both waters have significant current creating eddies, runs, fast channels and drop offs. These characteristics increase fishing dynamics and make it easier and more exciting than fishing for Dorado in slow or still water. You will be wading and casting from a comfortable and spacious motorized boat similar to a Carolina Skiff. Hot spots are narrow shallow channels, mouths of channels and drop offs. Dorado and other species are easily caught on a fly rod, however, spinning gear is also available. 


Freshwater Golden DoradoArgentina Fishing Trips 

Despite the hostile demeanor of this predator, it is actually quite sensitive. When a Dorado is exhausted it will asphyxiate faster than even it's cousin the trout so special care is taken while fighting and releasing the fish. If Dorado are not revived completely before they are released they will likely fall prey to piranha. Taking the hook out and taking pictures should happen within seconds. Please note that a good day of Argentina Dorado fishing depends more on the conditions of rivers and weather and less upon the particular time of year. Argentina Dorado Fishing Season: All year.












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