Brazil Peacock Bass Fishing Trips    

In 1992 River Plate pioneered in Peacock Bass fishing with the introduction of the Amazon Angel Yacht. The Amazon Angel Yacht has been replaced in July 2007 by the Black Water Explorer houseboat. We have spared no expense on our new 3 storey floating hotel. Her shallower draft and wider beam will allow us to better overcome shallow waters to access low fishing pressure regions. Although the Black Water Explorer is designed to accommodate 20 anglers, it will set a new standard amongst all other available fishing trips as the most spacious and comfortable yacht for a maximum party of 8 anglers pampered by a crew of 14. Upon arrival from the US, you'll fly via float plane direct to the yacht where you'll live aboard the Black Water Explorer during the entire week, cruising within the Unini and Indian Reserves. Since entries to the Reserves are limited, there is little fishing pressure.


Black Water ExplorerBlack Water Explorer

Daily travel times to secluded lagoons is only 5 to 15 minutes. (River Plate funds many philanthropic program to compensate the locals to maintain these areas un fished). If placed outside these two Reserves, daily travel distances could be up to 1 to 3 hours in our shallow drafting bass boats; however, our prices (rates) are correspondingly lower. In our spacious dinning room you will be served meticulously prepared four-course meals over linen table cloths while, ......the Black Water Explorer safely cruises assisted with the finest state-of-the-art depth electronics, global positioning, VHF-HF radio, satellite communication, etc. The top deck grill and open bar is the perfect setting to relax with a cold drink under the Amazon starry sky amongst friends or to daydream with visions of giant peacocks dancing in your head….


Amazon Peacock BassCruise the Amazon

Anglers fish (2 per boat and one guide) from fully equipped, 21 foot shallow drafting bass boats. However, in order to navigate pass 2-4 inches shallow water natural entries barriers, we must maintain the size (weight) over outboards at a maximum of 40 HP. We feel honored by many returning and loyal guests that continue to enjoy great fishing, living among the luxuries and comforts of our yacht. Cruise with us for a week of unparalleled angling aboard the Fly-In Black Water Explorer.



Amazon Rainforest Fishing Adventures

With 12 years of experience under our belt, we have overcome the biggest barrier to reaching remote un fished areas -- the Amazon's shallow sand bars.  We have gone from using the attractive but ineffective U.S. 120HP high-speed bass boat to our new "fishing houseboat" which was designed, built and field-tested all-welded aluminum shallow-draft tunnel boat.  These boats are 20 feet long with a 40 HP outboard and all the standard bass boat features (trolling motor, high swivel seats, etc.), yet they are still sufficiently light to navigate the shallow sandbars.  


Black Water ExplorerThe Rio Negro River

The Río Negro has its headwaters in Venezuela, in the flat western lands of the Amazon State. In its long road southward, this river defines part of the frontier between Venezuela and Colombia. From there on, it enters Brazil and little by little takes course to the East, toward the city of Manaus, where it joins the Amazon River in its long journey to the Atlantic Ocean. The dark color of its water is notorious, especially when it contrasts with the light brown color of the Orinoco or the Amazon rivers. Its dark color is due to the presence of tannins. These are complex organic compounds, manufactured by the plants of the region and used to repel or warn off herbivores.











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