Casa Vieja Lodge - Fishing in Guatemala

Come join Casa Vieja Lodge for what is undoubtedly the finest sailfishing in the world, located in one of the most easily reached destinations in the Americas! Guatemala’s billfish productivity is literally unbeatable. With numbers like 124 releases in a single day, by one boat and 300 releases in 3 days on conventional tackle or how about 57 in a single day fly fishing and an overall annual release rate of a dozen billfish per day, per boat, it’s clear that Guatemala’s Pacific coast offers the highest concentrations of billfish found anywhere worldwide. It’s very real!


Casa Vieja LodgeGuatemala Fishing Lodge

At Casa Vieja Lodge, they take exceptional pride in assuring you world class vessels, run by highly respected sport fishing captains with day end returns to the highest quality accommodations imaginable. In 2006 Casa Vieja Lodge was opened. The new facility is located less than a mile from the entrance of Marina Pez Vela. After a day on the water you can be back in the Casa Vieja’s pool in 5 minutes. Gone are the days of running the not-so-popular "la cala de la muerte" - the inlet of death, traveling through a dangerous inlet will never again be a concern for our clients. While a trip to the paradise of Casa Vieja Lodge is every bit of a 4-star luxury, the cost per release still cannot be beaten – anywhere! 


Guatemala Sport Fishing BoatGuatemala Sport Fishing

Sailfish are abundant year round. Since 1994, the fleet has averaged raising more than 20 billfish per day per boat – YEAR ROUND! The rainy season of mid-July through September coincide with the slower travel period of the typical client, with October through June being prime booking months. The larger sailfish up to 150 pounds are usually taken during the Fall, but for pure volume of 80 – 100 pound fish, December through June tends to be the rule. During this time you’ll be tantalized with 20 – 40 bites per day and, on some of those exceptional days, more than 100! 


Catching Marlin in GuatemalaSailfish Heaven

Statistics show 40 plus sailfish release days have been experienced in every month of the year. Fly fisherman take note: feather tossing anglers aboard the RELEASE let go 57 sailfish in one day in 2006 and they did it while conforming to all IGFA rules and regulations. Days with finicky or non-aggressive feeders are few and far between! Marlin add to the excitement and they generally show up in concentrations for a week or more several times a year. At any time, a run to the far offshore drop can normally put you on yellowfin tuna as well as the average 400 pound blue marlin. As an average, while targeting sailfish every Casa Vieja boat will encounter a marlin every third day during the year. This number can be seriously upped by requesting a strictly marlin venture!


Throughout the year there are lots of football size tuna and dolphin in the 20 – 40 pound range to be caught, should that be your choice. Along the coastline, and within minutes of the docks, roosterfish are plentiful and of impressive size. This type of fishing is also done the comfortable way by all vessels in our fleet. Scheduling a day of inshore fishing is an excellent way to round off your trip.


For more than a decade, billfish conservation has been central to our fleet’s philosophy. With total release as its commanding theme, their captains added the exclusive use of circle hooks with bait and billfish to their operating procedures long before it was popular. As innovators in this style of fishing they have upped the hook-up ratios while insuring a far healthier condition of released fish. 










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