Costa Rica Inshore Fishing    

At Crocodile Bay Resort you may fish the volcanic shoreline of the bay and coastline for Roosterfish, Jack Crevelle, Blue Fin Treuelly, Amberjack, Red & Yellow Snapper, Grouper, Barracuda, Pompano and Sierra Mackerel. Then, for the first time in Costa Rica, fish in "flats boats". You can silently maneuver through the many rivers, gliding into their mouths and the mangrove estuaries that feed the great Golfo Dulce. Fly cast, spin cast fishing or troll through the nooks and crannies of this beautiful back country for Snook (four types), Snapper, Barracuda, Corvina and a variety of sport fish!


Costa Rica Fly FishingGolfo Dulce Sportfishing

In Costa Rica, the areas within the Golfo Dulce are some of the prettiest places an angler can fish in the world. Jack Crevalle, African Pompano, Bluefin Trevally, 3 varieties of Snapper, Bonita and Barracuda can be consistently taken by our fly anglers. The inshore fish need to be fished with very fast retrieves. Anglers should be able to double hall their casts and plan on two-handed retrieves. Most baitfish patterns and poppers work well inside the gulf, and patterns should range in size from 1/0 to 4/0 for the the inshore game. Our enormous Roosterfish population is used to eating large blue runners (the local baitfish).


Costa Rica RoosterfishInshore Fishing with Crocodile Bay

Crocodile Bay's 40-vessel fleet includes five 33-foot Strike Fishers and one 35-foot owners Strike. The rest of the fleet is composed of 27' Boston Whalers, Pathfinders, Champions, Bulldogs and 17-foot backcountry flat boats to work the estuaries and rivers inshore. Several major rivers wind through the mangroves and dump rich nutrients into the gulf. Not only is billfishing sensational, in Costa Rica's cobalt offshore waters, but the 30-mile long, 15 mile wide Golfo Dulce also offers some of the best inshore fishing action in Costa Rica. More than 40 IGFA world records have been established in the area.


Costa Rica FishingOffshore Fishing

It is the dance of the sailfish and the lightning speed of the marlin that attract most anglers to the Osa Peninsula. It is not uncommon to raise more than 20 billfish in a day's fishing. Most dorado coming to the dock have been over 30 lbs with Tuna always plentiful. You can likely catch a billfish any day of the year, with January through April the top months for marlin and sailfish along this region of the southern coast. There is also a good showing of marlin in August and November, while months during and just after the rains produce more dorado, as the debris washed out of the rivers forms the inshore trash lines they feed under. Football-size tuna are almost always present and sometimes those that top out at 300 pounds.














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