Fraser River Salmon Fishing    

Chinook Salmon fishing in British Columbia, Canada is spectacular. The Chinook Salmon, also called the King or Spring, is the largest of the 5 salmon species, and can weigh in at over 60lbs. My most memorable guiding experience was with one of these strong fish. We fish for spring salmon from early June till late November.


Fraser River Salmon FishingFraser River

We offer the opportunity to fish several remote rivers and lakes in the middle of nowhere - imagine fishing a water, where the fish haven't seen a fisherman in weeks or even months - it's not just a dream. You can let your mind go and enjoy pristine and remote wilderness. The Coho, which migrates in our local rivers annually, can be caught with various angling methods. Famous for its clean, silver skin, it has earned the nickname "Silver Salmon" and is one of the most beautiful fish to catch. Coho Salmon can be caught as early as September till December, and in very productive years, even till January in the Tributaries of the Fraser River.


Fraser River LodgeFishing in Canada

Sockeye Salmon Fishing in British Columbia, Canada, on the Fraser River means the largest Sockeye run in the world. The Sockeye is equally as appealing and challenging for the angler. Our Lodge record speaks for itself... two guests hooked into more than 300 Sockeye salmon in one day in August. Most were released. We fish for Sockeye Salmon from the end of July until the end of September.


Salmon Fishing in British ColumbiaSalmon Fishing

Pink Salmon is probably the best fish, to get the novice hooked on sports fishing. Recently, I guided a father and his son. The father, which was new into fishing, caught his limit within 2 hours and since then, he is an enthusiastic fisherman. The Pink Salmon show up in huge runs of up to 14 million fish every odd year. We expect the next big Pink run by the fall of 2013 The Chum, or Dog Salmon, is the most aggressive of all the salmon species. Simply, they attack everything. Once while releasing a foul hooked Chum, he attacked my leg and bit out a chunk of my neoprene waders. Our lodge record is 350 chum salmon in one day with 8 anglers. Chum Salmon can be caught from September until the beginning of December. Our lodge is located a few hundred yards across the World Famous "Spaghetti Corner", one of the top salmon fishing spots in the world. It takes our guides only minutes to reach those prime fishing grounds.













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