Canada's Hatchet Lake Lodge    

If you're dreaming of a fishing adventure in which you'll catch monster northern pike or huge lake trout, consider yourself one step closer to making your dream a reality. It is a fact that most guests will catch the largest fish of their lifetime during their 5 day stay at Hatchet Lake Lodge! Of course, it is impossible to satisfy everyone, but our waters certainly contain fish the size which you have only seen in your dreams! Check out the record fish which have come from our waters in past years.


Canada Grand Slam Fishing

The legendary Canadian Grand Slam. It's what coming to Hatchet Lake Lodge is all about. Imagine doing battle with gigantic lake trout, mammoth northern pike, virgin trophy walleye and high-flying Arctic grayling -- all in one trip! With 18 pristine fly-out and boat-in lakes to choose from, your chances have never been better to experience this once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Welcome to Hatchet Lake Lodge, northern Canada’s premier wilderness adventure destination. Five-star accommodations, complete with gourmet cuisine and private jet service, all tucked gently away in a quiet little corner of this wondrous world.


Hatchet Lake Pike FishingHatchet Lake Northern Pike

Trophy Northern Pike are the single most sought-after fish in our system of lakes, and we have some heart stopping Canadian pike action awaiting your arrival. While northern pike in the 6-15 pound range are the norm, there were dozens of trophy pike in the 20-30 pound class as well. (Lodge Record Northern Pike is 35 lbs) Located upstairs in the lodge, our tackle shop has a good selection of lures which have proven to be effective on our waters. The tackle shop is open during meal hours and all prices are in U.S. dollars.


Hatchet Lake Walleye FishingCanadian Walleye Fishing

Hatchet Lake is at the far northern limit of the walleye's range. However, we have five or six very good lakes which regularly produce Canadian walleye from 3-6 pounds, with an 8-10 pounder being reported every once in a while. (Lodge Record walleye is 10 pounds!) With northern pike and lake trout receiving most of the attention from anglers, the walleyes don't see much action up here. Consequently, those who take a break from the big, toothy critters to seek out the walleye usually come back all smiles. Our best walleye action can be found in July and August.


Properly maintained equipment plays an important role in the success of your Canadian fishing trip. We have a specialist on hand to tune motors on a daily basis to ensure that from the slowest trolling speed to full throttle, your motor is always in peak operating condition. Our aluminum boats are made by AluMarine, which has become the standard here in the North Country. These boats are 16' and 18' long, complete with floors, casting decks and swivel seats with "air cushion" shock suspension. They provide a solid fishing platform so you retain your energy for the whole day and keep you dry in choppy seas. If you usually use a portable depth finder and don't see one in the boat, just ask your guide or one of the staff to set it up for you. Depth finders and charged batteries are available upon request at no charge.












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