Hatchet Lake Lodge - Fly Out Fishing    

Each of our 18 fly-out lakes has unique characteristics (depth, water temperature, clarity, bottom composition, type of fish, etc.) and a beauty of its own. As weather patterns pass through the North Country, fish in each lake may react differently, with fishing results varying greatly between lakes. We get daily reports from returning anglers and can put you in the action when things begin to get exciting on a particular lake! In most cases, there are only 2-3 boats on the entire lake for the day. We have boats and motors already on location waiting for your arrival. We bring fresh gas for the outboard motors each day. Flight times generally range from 10-25 minutes. Your guide will accompany you at no extra charge and you'll return in time to join other guests for dinner at 7:00 pm.


Hatchet Lake Lodge Fly Out FishingNorth Country Weather

Temperatures at the lodge will vary depending on the month. Early June can be like Fall weather in the Midwest (40 degrees F in the morning and 60 degrees by mid afternoon), or it can be very warm (65 degrees +). During cold front conditions, you'll have to be prepared to dress in layers, putting clothes on and taking them off as the day progresses. July and August offer the warmest weather during the summer months (70 + degrees). Tip: Bring a high quality rain suit as it will be used daily during all months of the summer. If it isn't being used to keep you dry on a rainy day, it will keep you warm as a wind breaker. I usually wear my rain pants even on sunny windy days as the boat seats are usually damp from the night air. Wave and wind action can get you wet also. Buy the best rain suit you can afford and you'll be dry, comfortable and have a good "friend" for future trips north.


Hatchet Lake Lodge CabinHatchet Lake Lodge

Perched on a private island, the lodge is a magnificent three-level log structure with a commanding view of Hatchet Lake. There you'll find the dining room, lounge, game area, bar, tackle shop, kitchen and exercise room. Our guest cabins are painstakingly crafted by Cree and Dene builders from hand-peeled locally harvested logs, offering the rustic beauty of a traditional cabin with all the comforts of modern five-star hospitality. High efficiency wood burning stoves in each cabin burn all night on one filling of wood. It has been our custom for many years to quietly check your fire on cool mornings before you get out of bed, so you can rise to the wonderful warmth of a natural fire.


Hatchet LakeHatchet Lake Location

Located only 100 miles from the Northwest Territories corner in NE Saskatchewan, Hatchet Lake Lodge is located on a beautiful island. Geographically speaking, Hatchet Lake Lodge is a collection of 21 pristine lakes and river systems rather than just one lake in particular. These lakes are situated smack dab in the middle of the most productive Northern Pike and Lake Trout territory in Canada. Our private charter departs every four days from June through August and lands on our own 5,800' runway which is only a mile from the island -lodge location (see map inset). Flight time is about two (2) hours from Winnipeg, Manitoba. We also have two float planes waiting to fly you and your fishing partners to one of 21 other lakes in our area.











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