Golden Mahseer    

Journey through some of the remotest corners of the Indian Himalayas in search of the wild and exotic Golden Mahseer! Experience some of the oldest and richest cultures of the world, in areas that still remain lost in time. Experience world class Mahseer fishing trips in India. Flavor some fine Indian cuisine along with the world class hospitality of your experienced hosts and manifest a sporting journey of a lifetime.  View the Video »


Mahseer Fishing in IndiaThe Western Ramganga

The Western Ramganga River averages fifty to ninety feet wide for a major part of the year. It is hard to imagine a river this size that can produce trophy fish in the fifty pound range. And just like any other classic Golden Himalayan Mahseer river the Western Ramganga also offers terrific opportunities for using nymphs, swinging flies down and across for these monsters as well as fishing dry flies. The Western Ramganga also lends it self to a fair number of sight-fishing opportunities for these majestic creatures. A sight fishing pursuit for the Golden Himalayan Mahseer is perhaps the ultimate pursuit in the world of freshwater fly-fishing. We call these fish "the freshwater equivalent of a Permit"


Mahseer fishingThe Tour

We host a maximum of six (6) anglers per week and our property consists of six (6) comfortable accommodations that are spread out in two acres. The accommodations are local style huts (each to an angler) which have been constructed by the locals of the area using materials sourced locally and hence blend in perfectly with the environment and are apt for the weather conditions of this region. Each hut has its own attached toilet with running water. The accommodation has been designed to offer a stunning view of this pristine river, and your own private veranda and sitting area. These huts are outfitted with fine British campaign furniture that includes a rose wood bed, dressing table, chairs, cupboard, and a luggage rack. Meals are served in the main dinning area which also offers a spectacular view of the river. The meals served in camp range from Continental, Chinese, Italian, and traditional Indian cuisine. You will enjoy freshly baked breads, pies, and a cake amidst a breathtaking backdrop of the lower Himalayan ranges. Camp is fully staffed with a ratio of three staff per guest. Our camp is a short 20 minute hike from the road-head hence your luggage is portaged by our staff while you walk to camp.


Saryu River Fishing the HimalayasThe Lower Saryu Drift

The fishing is based on a fifteen mile section of river; floating, walking, wet-wading, and fishing. We've designed the schedule to fish this entire section efficiently. Guests stay in two to three separate camps during the course of your stay with us. The Saryu River offers beautiful fly-water and is a relatively easy to fish. It offers just the right volume for the use of both double and single handed fly rods. This river rewards a variety of presentation including skated dry flies and poppers. In the warmer months the Golden Himalayan Mahseer take in rapids too, which is an exhilarating experience! The Saryu fishing season has two parts; the autumn or post-monsoon run, that begins in the middle of September and goes on to the first week of November. The other time of the year to fish this river is in the spring which offers a larger window, that begins in early March and goes on to the middle of May.


Fishing Tours in the HimalayasThe Tour

Just like all our other tours we include a drop and pick up service from New Delhi International Airport so our guests are escorted and well taken care of throughout the tour. The river journey down this stunning section of river offers a peak into the self sustained lifestyle of natives of this valley. Our final camp is situated close to the confluence of the Mahakali River and the Saryu River at a place called Pancheshwar. We also recommend a visit to the old temple of Pancheshwar which is situated on the confluence of both the rivers. Our guides are always happy to take the guests on short treks to the small villages in the vicinity to experience the culture in this region. Each guest has a fishing guide. The Himalayan Outback stands by our standards of operation (safety and logistics) hence maintaining the highest possible standard of service, ensuring our guests are served fine Indian and Continental cuisine and enjoy great hospitality so you can focus on this very special fishing journey.










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