Himalayan Fishing Trips    

Experience unique sporting tours in pursuit of the wild and exotic Golden Himalayan Mahseer and live out a sporting dream that takes you back-in-time thought some of the oldest cultures in the world.


The Ganges RiverThe Upper Ganges

You will be guided on some of our favorite waters on this river where there is a good chance that you will not see any other angler. In order to fish this river efficiently one needs to be on the river and have the flexibility of being able to set up camp wherever the condition are conducive. The Ganges is primarily fished using sinking lines and streamers. You can plan on outfitting your fly-box with some heavy flies with dumbbell eyes that we can help you tie or provide you with. The Ganges is a double-handed fly rod friendly river and our guests mostly use short-belly Spey lines like the RIO Skaget which can be matched with an assortment of sinking tips and can carry heavy flies. Spinning is also a productive and an efficient way to fish the Ganges.


Fishing in IndiaThe Tour

This tour provides access to some of the most seldom fished beats of the Ganges. This tour is based on a float, camp and fish concept where the entire tour is self sustained providing an unforgettable experience traveling down this breathtaking valley. Each guest has his / her own dome tent with is outfitted with inflatable mattresses and a sleeping bag. Your hosts are a team of guides, river professionals, kitchen staff who are from the area and know the river and its surroundings intimately. Camps are established on pristine sandy beaches on the banks of the Ganges, which are surrounded by mixed forests and wildlife. Our cooks prepare excellent cuisine and even in the middle of no-where you will be served freshly made cakes, pies, and breads.


Fishing the HimalayasThe Mahseer Maharaja

This tour involves fishing on two of North India's famous fly-fishing rivers, the Western Ramganga and the Saryu River. The Mahseer Maharaja tour offers a glimpse of what India looked like at the turn of last centaury. The tour begins on the Saryu River which is situated deep amongst the foothills of eastern Uttarakhand close to the border of India and Nepal. The Saryu river tour uses migratory camps that are carefully located to compliment the fishing. Guests are guided on a fifteen mile section of this river which is called the migratory gateway of this region. From the Saryu, our guests are driven to the Western Ramganga River, that is situated close the Corbett Tiger Reserve. The Western Ramganga River offers twelve miles of outstanding fly-water, which is combined with game viewing opportunities. The Himalayan Outback's Western Ramganga property is located on a premier trophy Golden Himalayan Mahseer fishery where mountain stream converge to form the head waters of the Ganges. This tour gives you ample opportunity to fish for the Mahseer using a variety of fly fishing techniques that include dry fly-fishing.


Fishing the Himalayan RiversThe Tour

Over the years the Himalayan Outback has earned the worth of being uniquely knowledgeable in the sporting attractions of these incredible rivers. On a clear day our guests are able to view the greater Himalayan ranges, that include stunning sights of peaks like the Nanda Devi (25,643 ft). The accommodation on the Saryu River tour features spacious expedition safari style tents, which are outfitted with British campaign style field furniture, bedside table, lamp and crisp linen. The Western Ramganga property offers comfortable cottages that are constructed using organic architecture. Each cottage has been designed to offer a stunning view of this pristine river, with your own private veranda and sitting area. These huts are outfitted with British campaign furniture that includes a rose wood bed, dressing table, chairs, cupboard, a luggage rack, and private bathroom featuring a flush, hand basins and bucket shower. Meals are served in the main dinning area which is graced by a fireplace, overlooking a spectacular clearing in the valley with a rich forested backdrop. This tour is limited to four (4) anglers only.










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