Holbox Fly Fishing Lodge    

This is the only property on Holbox Island dedicated to fly fishing enthusiasts and their non fishing partners. Anglers and guides pursue big and baby Tarpon, Cobia, Seatrout, Snook and some Permit in in clear gulf waters, endless flats and mangrove lagoons. Non fishing partners mix horseback riding on the beach, sweet water cenote swimming and island exploration with hours of relaxation on the empty white sand beaches of this undiscovered island. You can also mix in a rip to Mayan Ruins, some windsurfing lessons, an amazing snorkeling experience with the whale sharks and even an extension to fish Bonefish in Ascension Bay.


Holbox Island TarponHolbox Island Fishing

Mexico's Holbox Fly Fishing Lodge is the newest Giant and Baby Tarpon fly fishing resort in the clear waters near Cancun. The Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico boasts excellent Bonefish in Ascension Bay and now adds superb Tarpon fishing to their white sand beach flats fishing. Holbox Fly Fishing Lodge is the perfect combination of warm water fly fishing and superb beach front accommodations. The Yucatan Few phrases conjure up more exciting fly fishing and adventure travel images. There are devoted fishermen that travel the globe in search of giant Tarpon, and there are those that just want great fly fishing in paradise. Coincidentally, Holbox Fly Fishing Lodge has both.


Mexico Tarpon FishingFly Fishing in Mexico

The Tarpon can exceed 100 pounds in April to September and there are 5 to 40 pounders available year round along with plentiful Barracuda, Snook and some Permit. So if Mexico fly fishing action in paradise is of interest to you - come visit Holbox Island, where you'll be treated like royalty. Bring your favorite rods (see individual species for recommendations), you can get your Mexico fly fishing license on Holbox Island ($25/week). Each morning of fly fishing will begin as the fishing guide reports the weather conditions- and depending upon his recommendations you and one other angler will head out in classic flats style pangas perfectly suited for our waters. During the summer months, the giant Tarpon gather nearby in 20 - 50 feet of water and we target them with shooting heads, with fish averaging from 50 - 175 pounds. The fish are feeding on the migrating bait fish and you will chase and intercept schools while presenting your fly in hopes of enticing a hungry Tarpon.  Battles can last 30 to 45 minutes and you may bring one in three to the boat (or less!) however that single fish may well be the highlight of a lifetime of angling. You will return most days at 2:00 pm.


Holbox IslandFor Diehard Anglers....

When wind conditions make casting efforts unproductive, we’ll move into the mangrove lagoons where your guide will pole your boats in the ancient manner in search of the healthy resident population of baby Tarpon and Snook.  This is the classic flats angling, with marauding packs of Tarpon, Snook and more feeding on crab, baitfish and more.  Casting will be at a premium here, though accuracy is usually more important than great distance.  While the fish average 5-15 pounds, some 25 -40 pound specimens are caught each year. 











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