International Hunting Trips    

Experience high volume wingshooting in Argentina, Uruguay and Mexico. These destinations provide excellent hunting for Dove, Pigeon, Quail, Perdiz and Duck. 


Argentina Wingshooting TripsWingshooting in Argentina

Experience the finest Argentina dove hunting and Argentina duck hunting. Wing Shooting in Argentina offers premium mixed-bag shooting for 30 species of ducks, dove, pigeon and perdiz on immense private ranches. Join us for unbelievable Argentina dove and duck hunts at our exclusive hunting lodge in Corrientes. Get ready for non-stop dove action!  Argentina »


Argentina Dove Hunting 

Argentina Dove hunting as it should be, fast paced, challenging and diverse. We offer Argentina dove hunting over various terrain and crops, plus incredible Argentina pigeon hunting as well. After years of outfitting in various parts of Argentina, we know that some of the finest Argentina dove hunting and pigeon hunting happens right here in Esquina, Corrientes.  


Uruguay Hunting TripsUruguay Hunting Trips  

You wanted a high volume dove destination, then a decoy pigeon destination, and an upland perdiz destination, all near a duck destination - well here it is! Designed for the true sportsmen and woman of North America - Estancia San Cirilo offers trip flexibility and endless shooting opportunities just minutes from the lodge. A truly custom sporting experience each day of the trip.  Uruguay »


Uruguay Wingshooting

The Uruguay dove hunting at Black River is comparable only to that of the Cordoba of the 1970's. Dove hunts are made close to the estancia, and guests of Black River have the luxury of shooting as many doves as they desire. Duck hunts are made in close proximity to Estancia San Cirilo over beautiful lagoons and pot holes. The volume of ducks can only be measured by the number of shells expended and our guests can expect close range, unpressured, decoying birds. The sporty Perdiz offers our guests a morning away from high volume and a leisurely upland bird hunt over English setters or Brittany spaniels. Guests of Black River can expect 25-50 flushes in a morning, well trained pointers, and a speedy, challenging upland bird.  


Mexican Hunting TripsMexico Wingshooting Trips

The surrounding countryside holds some of the largest concentrations of purely wild bobwhite quail in the world. One sportswriter called them, “the wildest, fastest quail he had ever seen.”  Traditional walk-up quail hunts behind pointers on fence rows, tree and brush lines and grain fields. Dog handlers have great experience hunting quail in Mexico.


Mexico Hunting Trips 

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