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Kodiak Island Resort is amongst an elite group of Alaska lodges - priding itself on providing a level of service that is refreshingly old fashion in its emphasis on quality. Our only focus is our guests' comfort and satisfaction! This focus is reflected in all our guest-oriented activities. From the moment the floatplane sets down to the time you reluctantly leave for home - you enjoy a sense of being part of our happy family!


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At the end of your adventurous day sport-fishing and sightseeing, relax in our executive lounging area, feast on our tasty hor-d'oeuvres, and enjoy your favorite drink while recounting your day's exploits with your best friends. (Though we don't provide liquor, you'll find a generous supply of ice, mixers, and soft drinks in the lounging/wet-bar area to meet your needs.) Our appetizer platters are heaping with fresh crab, smoked salmon, shrimp, cheeses, homemade dips, crackers, and other marvelous culinary masterpieces from our gourmet chef. Restrain yourself from overindulgence - I know it's hard, but leave enough room for your main course and all the trimmings! Our recreation area has a wet bar, satellite television, VCR and videotape movies, and a card table for your enjoyment. There is a good selection of nature tapes about Alaska. You can also hook up your video camera to view your daily fishing action if you wish.


Dining at Kodiak Island Resort is always an event! You will really enjoy your delicious meals while taking in our expansive view of the Kodiak Mountains and Larsen Bay. Your main course will range from Halibut Florentine or Halibut stuffed with crabmeat, King Salmon with Hollandaise sauce, to Porterhouse or Prime rib steaks with au jus - on the lighter side, how about Fettuccini Alfredo with smoked salmon? Savor our homemade breads and desserts!


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The Kodiak Island Resort staff has a tradition of providing a level of service that is refreshingly old-fashion. Their sincere objective is to surpass our guest's expectations for great service. Our hostesses are always courteous and friendly, and pleased to take your special requests. Our housekeeping staff keeps your rooms spotlessly maintained with a little extra elbow grease applied; they take pride in their work, and it really shows - your rooms are comfortable and inviting.













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