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Lake Guerrero Bass FishingThe Location

You fish on Lake Guerrero where you glimpse the  brilliant plumage of a variety of waterfowl. Or, you try one of the hauntingly beautiful "stump coves", where the big bass hang out. After the morning fishing, you arrive back at Lago Vista Lodge for lunch followed by a little siesta time before the afternoon activities. Our guides then escort you back on Lake Guerrero for an afternoon of fishing. As the day drifts toward sunset, it's back to the lodge where you relax on the patio or at the bar sipping an ice cold margarita or cervesa. This is the best time of the day... reflecting on the excitement of the day's activities.


Lago Vista LodgeThe Lodge

Lago Vista Lodge is located on Lake Guerrero in Tamaulipas, Mexico near Ciudad Victoria. The lodge lies at the north end of the lake, a short drive from the water depending on lake levels. It's the ideal setting for  a vacation - far from the cares of the world, yet easily accessible. The area around Lake Guerrero also holds some of the best dove hunting as well as quail and duck hunting in Mexico. These are great bass fishing trips, with comfortable accommodations and boats, perfect for bass anglers who want to experience exciting Mexico bass fishing and wingshooting without spending a fortune.


Lake Guerrero Bass Fishing TripsLake Guerrero Bass Fishing

Lake Guerrero is 100,000 acres at full pool and has  many islands plus two rivers - the Corona and the Purificacion, as well as submerged roads and creek beds which produce trophy bass for our guests. Submerged trees and fence lines also provide staging areas for  many of these big fish. Guerrero is full of Tilapia and Shad which are the main forage for the bass. The lake level is up and holding steady. This means great fishing for you! Having personally fished Lake Guerrero for over 10 years now, I can tell you first hand this lake holds some of the biggest largemouth bass you will find in Mexico. While lake levels fluctuate as with all Mexico lakes, many 10lb plus fish are still being caught. Recent biologist reports indicate that the big bass in Guerrero exceed 20 pounds! "We are confident Lake Guerrero will soon produce a 20lb+ giant!"  


Our clients are having great times at Lago Vista Lodge and on Lake Guerrero. Reports of 100 to 200 bass per day per boat are not uncommon as well as trophy bass over 10 pounds!


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