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Located in the Mexican state of Sinaloa, Lake El Salto is a top producer of quality largemouth bass. Your worst day on this lake is likely better than the best day on your home waters. Located near the northwest Mexican resort city Mazatlan, it is probably the easiest lake to get to. Once your flight arrives in Mazatlan, it is just over an hour transfer to El Salto Lake by lodge transportation. Your driver will be waiting for you as soon as you clear customs and from there you're on your way to a great Mexico bass fishing vacation. The lodge is located lakeside so you will have quick access to your bass fishing boats.


Lake El Salto - Mexico Bass Lake

The Lake

When at full pool, Lake El Salto is a 24,000-acre man-made reservoir that had been initially stocked with Florida strain largemouth bass fingerlings to jump start the fishery. And these bass have taken a liking to the climate, long growing season and an abundant diet of tilapia and shad. BASSMASTER magazine's editorial staff called Lake El Salto, "the absolute best trophy lake in the world." In-Fisherman magazine headlined their coverage: "Muchos pescados at El Salto." Western Outdoors magazine offered the lake an honorary title of "Mexico's bass fishing mecca." "There's never been a lake like this in the history of bass fishing".


Lake El Salto Bass FishingEl Salto

El Salto is a scenic impoundment located deep in the heart of the Sierra Madre Occidental Mountain range. The lower end of El Salto harbors steep, rocky banks with very sharp drops. Lake El Salto has excellent water clarity. When you are in Mexico bass fishing at Lake El Salto you will find literally hundreds of brush-cluttered points, ridges, and humps, not to mention the flooded ruins of two towns, a pair of ancient cemeteries and numerous shallow flats. Happy El Salto Lodge Clients


El Salto Bass Fishing LodgeThe Lodge

Lake El Salto Lodge is located on the bank of the lake so there are no long drives from a remote facility. The lodge is owned and operated by Billy Chapman Sr., a pioneer of Mexico bass fishing since the 60s. His capable staff will make sure all of your needs are met while you enjoy a bass fishing trip of a lifetime.











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