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You've read about it, seen it on television, and dreamt about doing it. It's not just a fishing trip, it's a completely unique experience which many of our clients choose to relive over and over again. At these Mexico bass lakes you're just one cast away from that ten pound plus trophy bass! For bass anglers it doesn't get any better than this. Contact us at Worldwide Fishing Adventures to experience these Mexico fishing trips for yourself. The bass fishing season in Mexico is underway so call us today to reserve your trip. Be sure to scroll down the page to view links to our Mexico saltwater fishing trips.

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Lake Baccarac Lodge

Bass Fishing on Lake Baccarac Catch big bass at Lake Baccarac, Mexico. Lake Baccarac Lodge was built to give anglers bass fishing in Mexico, elegant accommodations while enjoying some of the best trophy bass fishing Mexico.
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Anglers Inn Lake El Salto

Bass Fishing with Anglers Inn Go to Mexico for trophy bass fishing with Anglers Inn on Lake El Salto. First class accommodations, service and food will make your fishing trip a great experience. A great bass fishing resort on one of Mexico's best lakes!

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Anglers Inn Lake Mateos

Bass Fishing on Lake Mateos It’s not uncommon now for anglers to have 100 fish days at Mateos and some of those largemouth bass may top 10-pounds or more. Billy Chapman Jr. has built the new Anglers Inn Mateos and it's a Bass Angler's dream come true!

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Lake Huites Lodge

Bass Fishing on Lake Huites Located in the Sierra Madre mountains, Lake Huites is a great producer of quality bass. The fish are aggressive and healthy. Catches in excess of 100 bass in a day have been recorded at this lake.

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Lake Agua Milpa Cora's Lodge

Bass Fishing on Lake Agua Milpa Located a few hours away from Puerto Vallarta, Lake Agua Milpa is a great numbers lake. The action is non stop and the fish are aggressive and healthy. Catches in excess of 150 bass in a day have been recorded at this lake.

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Lake Comedero Lodge

Bass Fishing on Lake Comedero Lake Comedero is a located 100 miles northeast of the seaside resort of Mazatlan. Its clear, cool water is teeming with thousands of Mexico black bass which will strike almost any type of lure. Daily catches average 40 to 60 per day per boat.

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Lago Vista Lodge Lake Guerrero

Bass Fishing on Lake Guerrero Fish for trophy bass with Lago Vista Lodge on Lake Guerrero, Mexico. These affordable bass fishing and dove hunting packages offer great options for bass anglers and hunters wanting to travel to Mexico for bass fishing and dove hunting.

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