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  Rio Negro River in Brazil

Date: February 3rd, 2013


Amazon Peacock Bass Fishing







January 19 - Jan 26, 2013 Peacock Bass Fishing Report

Fishing Report

The second half of the 2012-2013 fishing season began with water levels a little above normal due to the Christmas rains but dropping. The Hamsher group of 18 anglers arrived in Barcelos on 19 January for a week of fishing and exploring the Amazon. This group of first time anglers to the Amazon, fishing in a relaxed style, landed a total of 940 Peacock Bass including 20, 22 & 23 lb trophies. Below are fish counts.

14 fishermen fishing 6 ½ days landed 940 Peacock Bass under 10 lbs

10 lbs 13 Peacock Bass
11 lbs 6 Peacock Bass
12 lbs 4 Peacock Bass
15 lbs 3 Peacock Bass
16 lbs 1 Peacock Bass
17 lbs 1 Peacock Bass
18 lbs 3 Peacock Bass
20 lbs 1 Peacock Bass
22 lbs 1 Peacock Bass
23 lbs 1 Peacock Bass

This group is the first to utilize Captain Peacock’s new 125’ yacht, which will be in service for our anglers from the middle of January thru the 3rd week of February due to increased demand for our trips. This beautiful new yacht features 10 private staterooms with side by side beds, private bathrooms & showers as well as independent air-conditioning units in each stateroom. Captain Peacock has added two additional chefs to work with our long term Chef Ronaldo on this luxury yacht to continue to provide the finest food service available in the Amazon. Combined with our fleet of new American made 2013 Tracker bass boats and the great service and guides Captain Peacock has long been known for, makes the upscale Peacock Bass fishing trips Captain Peacock offers the finest available in the world today!

Water levels on the upper Rio Negro have been falling quickly since the first of the year. The fishing grounds upriver from Barcelos have experienced very little rain in the last week and water levels continue to drop which will concentrate fish which should enhance fishing success.


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