Jungle Tarpon Lodge - Tarpon & Snook Fishing in Costa Rica    

For anglers on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica, Tarpon (megalops atlanticus) is the primary target. Nothing can quite compare to 100 pounds of pure muscle leaping from the water, making you and your drag scream! The battleground for this fishing adventure is both the ocean via our comfortable offshore boats and within the jungle lagoons on our flat bottom john boats.


Costa Rica Tarpon FishingCosta Rica Tarpon Fishing

Our itineraries are optimized so that every angler gets the trip that he's looking for. The silver king is complimented with small tackle river species in the afternoon shade of the rainforest canopy. In this amazing jungle environment, you never know if the next hook up will be a ferocious guapote or a giant tarpon cruising the lagoons. Angling starts at 6:00 AM and can continue into the evening with Surfcasting for those who can't get enough. Many other fish are available such as Tuna, Wahoo, Permit and Jacks from our offshore boats.  


Room at Jungle Tarpon Lodge in Costa RicaJungle Tarpon Lodge

Nestled in a very special 100 acre paradise that is bounded by the  Parismina River lagoon and the Caribbean Sea, turtles nest on our beach, monkeys and birds fill the tree top canopy and fresh and saltwater fish surround our Island hideaway near the entrance to the Tortuguero National Park. The area protected by Tortuguero (turtle catcher) National Park was an archipelago of volcanic islands until alluvial sediments from the interior mountains, filled in the spaces and formed a network of marshy islands. Sand piled up where the river deposited land met the sea, and the turtle nesting beaches of Tortuguero formed. The exceptionally high rainfall, and rich environment where the freshwater meets the sea makes the beaches, canals, lagoons and wetlands of Tortuguero areas of exceptional biodiversity, and opportunity for nature lovers.  


Tarpon FishingTarpon and Snook Fishing

We practice catch and release fishing for all Tarpon, after a quick snapshot these creatures are free to fight again. Most are caught with conventional tackle but on occasion the fly fishing opportunity will present itself. Specializing in intimate groups of 2 to 14, The New Jungle Tarpon Lodge is one of Costa Rica's most deluxe and unique Caribbean Jungle Adventures. The stories of Tarpon Fishing in Costa Rica are historic. For forty years, this Caribbean coast and the Costa Rica sport fishing scene have been the place to hook trophy Tarpon. Whether offshore intercepting schools of feeding Tarpon or casting flies on a Jungle River, you will experience one of sport fishing’s most treasured experiences. In addition to the amazing offshore Tarpon fishing, Costa Rica has been made justly famous for its miles and miles of rivers, canals and lagoons that crisscross this jungle paradise provide an incredible variety of angling experience. You may target Snook or one of the many other small species available in Rio California and other secret lagoons within the jungle, cast from shore in the intertidal zone at the mouth of Barre Parismina (Parismina river) or troll exotic jointed plugs for trophy Snook at Jalova Lagoon.    













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