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Costa Rica is everything you've heard... the Switzerland of Central America. Economically stable, politically democratic, safe, friendly and home to an amazing 39 National Parks. Of the many and varied ecosystems and national parks in Costa Rica, none is more famous than the region known as Tortuguero.


Costa Rica Jungle ToursFishing Lodge in Costa Rica

This road less wilderness of ocean, river, rain forest and jungle is home to 3 types of nesting sea turtles, innumerable bird species, world class Tarpon and Snook fishing and, for one dazzling week this year, You! Costa Rica has long been at the top of the worlds list of leading Eco destinations. Located as the narrow connections between two continents and bounded on each side by an ocean. Our sport fishing anglers depart each day targeting (and usually intercepting) full size Trophy Tarpon averaging over 60 pounds, plus marauding Snook (the world record was taken less than a mile from the lodge) and many more.  Fly fishing and spin fishing are both effective ways of taking (and releasing, of course) these fine fish. 



Tarpon Fishing Costa RicaCosta Rica Tarpon Fishing

They are still here. When Christopher Columbus anchored offshore, he correctly named it Costa Rica, "The Rich Coast" to describe the lushness of the Caribbean Coast. Our lodge, bordering the Caribbean Sea and an inland lagoon, capitalizes on this natural phenomenon and provides us access to all of the mysterious rivers of Tortuguero National Park---the crown Jewel of the thirty nine National Parks in this little country. Many guests choose to combine sport fishing and Eco Adventures into a single experience. Perhaps fish for Trophy Tarpon in the morning and explore the jungle, photograph wildlife, paddle a calm lagoon or simply hang out in the afternoon.



Jungle Tarpon LodgeThe Lodge

Large rooms, fully tiled floors and bathrooms, open beam ceilings and Almendro wood throughout, you'll find elegance in the Jungle. Drawing upon 15 years experience managing the famous "Great Alaska" Adventure Lodge, Costa Rica will fill your days with Tarpon, Bill Fishing and Eco Tours that have made this exact location famous with Anglers and Adventure lovers from around the world. Sitting on 40 acres of Caribbean coast, Jungle Tarpon Lodge is like nowhere you have ever been. After traversing the rain and cloud forest of Brauillo Carillo National Park we’ll drop down through a working banana plantation and arrive at a small meeting point on the river, where you’ll meet your guide for the final leg (by boat) before you get your first look at Jungle Tarpon Lodge in Costa Rica.












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