Turneffe Flats    

For decades the Turneffe Atoll has been known as a premier flats fishing destination. Our expansive ocean side flats offer miles of wadeable flats, while the bars and flats inside Turneffe's lagoons are best fished from our custom-built Dolphin Superskiffs. The Turneffe Atoll is the largest coral atoll in the Western Hemisphere, and is best-known for its variety of saltwater fishing. The availability of bonefish, permit and tarpon make Turneffe Flats one of the rare spots in the world offering a legitimate shot at a GRAND SLAM.  Additionally, Turneffe offers the opportunity to fish for a wide variety of other saltwater species.


Turneffe Flats BonefishBonefishing

Bonefishing at Turneffe Flats offers something for anglers of all levels of experience. Novice saltwater anglers can expect to see hundreds of bonefish providing a great opportunity to learn the basics of flats fishing. Experienced saltwater anglers find plenty of challenging fishing, particularly fishing to smaller schools and larger singles. Our ocean side flats, only 5 to 15 minutes from the lodge, are some of the most picturesque flats anywhere. While wading the flats at Turneffe you will cast to large schools of bonefish averaging 3-4 pounds, with some larger fish up to 12 pounds. The ocean side flats also offer the opportunity to pursue small schools, singles and doubles. This fishing requires casting accuracy and provides the added challenge many seasoned saltwater anglers relish.


Bonefish are present in equal numbers throughout the year and they are on the flats most of the time. This differentiates Turneffe's bonefish from those in other areas, such as the Florida Keys, where bonefish only enter the flats in search of a meal. These are very lush flats full of crabs, shrimp and other bonefish foods. As a result, these fish can become selective. This can make for challenging fishing and the right tackle, flies, presentation and fishing techniques are all important. Bonefish also inhabit the mangrove-lined lagoons and flats on the interior of the Atoll. These bonefish are generally larger and take flies more readily than the ocean side fish; although they tend to be on the move, making casting accuracy more crucial. Fishing for these fish is mostly done from the bow of our 16' Dolphin Superskiffs. There is a wadeable flat immediately in front of the lodge, allowing you extra fishing in the early morning or evening.


Permit Fishing BelizePermit Fishing

As more saltwater anglers have come to enjoy the challenge of permit fishing, Belize has been recognized as one of a few locations to experience the excitement of casting to tailing permit on the flats. The Turneffe Atoll has an exceptional population of permit and increasing numbers of anglers are visiting us to sight-fish to permit. Most permit are found a singles or in small groups on the flats and bars throughout the Turneffe Atoll, although we also frequently see larger schools of permit tailing in shallow water. Most of our permit fishing done from a poled skiff but we also see permit (often with their backs out of the water) on our wadeable ocean-side flats.


You can expect plenty of shots at 10 to 20 lb. permit with some fish in the 30 to 40 lb. class. Permit fishing at Turneffe may afford you more shots than other destinations, but they are always challenging!













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