Black River Outfitters - Uruguay    

For nearly a decade now, Nacho and Juan Pablo have owned and operated Black River Outfitters. Soon after they started hunting in Paysandú, they established an equally successful fishing operation on the Uruguay River. They stayed in Estancia La Paz for nearly five years and developed a sterling reputation both for the unrivaled sporting opportunities they offered through Black River Outfitters, and for their hospitality and passion for their work. This success afforded them the opportunity in 2009 to move their operation to Estancia San Cirilo. Private, luxurious, and situated so perfectly that the mixed bag opportunities await right out the front door. A truly high volume mixed bag of doves, ducks, pigeons, and perdiz, Black River Outfitters at Estancia San Cirilo is now among the absolute best hunting and fishing programs in South America.


Uruguay Dove HuntingHigh Volume Dove Hunting

Simply the most undiscovered wing-shooting opportunity in South America, the dove hunting in the western provinces of Uruguay offers the same popular high-volume dove hunts that made Argentina famous all those years ago. Just to the east of Cordoba, Argentina, and split by the Uruguay River, lie the wing-shooting provinces of western Uruguay. More specifically, the regions of Paysandú and Rio Negro are home to many of the countries largest dove roosts. The bird populations in South America remain one of the great wonders of the world for sportsmen and women who have experienced it. Uruguay truly is the new frontier for high-volume wing-shooting, and any of our roosts will amaze even the most well traveled shooters. Dove Hunts »


Pigeon Hunting in UruguayUruguayan Pigeon Hunting

The latest and greatest in wing-shooting opportunities, the chance to hunt the Picazuro and Spot-wing wild pigeon is quickly becoming reason enough to visit  the country of Uruguay. These big and acrobatic winged wonders leave their roosts just after sun up, and flood the agriculture fields of western Uruguay in a magnificent manor. They have a unique and sporty flying style that presents any shooter with a challenging match, and they provide a new exciting hunting opportunity unrivaled outside of Uruguay. As with the doves in western Uruguay, the Spot-wing and Picazuro Pigeons flock to the seed fields and water holes in the mornings, and return to the roosts in the evening. This pattern provides the opportunities to hunt the wild pigeons in the morning, and most often the hunts are made over motion decoys in a sorghum field, or full body decoys on a water hole. Pigeon Hunting »


South American Duck HuntingDuck Hunting in Uruguay

Very few destinations in the world offer the opportunity to shoot over (11) different species of waterfowl in one region. The small country of Uruguay proudly boasts this unrivalled variety as one of its many attractions. As the birds in South America begin to migrate in early May, the lagoons, potholes, and rice fields throughout the country are a primary stopping point during the migration months. The provinces of Western Uruguay offer thousands of acres of pressure free resting grounds, agriculture fields, and the guidance of the Uruguay River for the masses of migrating waterfowl. The Eastern provinces of Uruguay offer food, water, and concealed roosts throughout the endless rice fields, and massive lagoons known to this region. Duck Hunts »


Hunting Perdiz in UruguayPerdiz Hunting

Its been said by sportsmen and women around the world, that the Perdiz hunting in Uruguay is the best in South America. The Perdiz is found in Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay, but nowhere else is the Perdiz more prevalent than in the western regions of Uruguay. An upland hunters dream, and a bird dogs paradise, the country of Uruguay is THE destination for traditional sportsmen seek an unparalleled opportunity at the sporty Perdiz. The wild Perdiz is very similar to the upland birds of North America in the their size and body shape, but very different in their fly patterns and covey styles. The Perdiz are most commonly found in scattered singles and pairs throughout low cut fields and rolling plains of Uruguay. Perdiz Hunting »
















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