High Volume Dove Hunts in Uruguay    

The terrain across Uruguay not only supports the enormous dove population, but also offers beautiful shooting opportunities in its endless rolling hills, blooming agriculture fields, and countless tributaries. For centuries, the doves in Uruguay  have shown natural tendencies to roost near the Uruguay River system as it provides a reliable water source for the local populations. As the largest producers of sunflower, wheat, corn, and grapes, it is easy to see why Uruguay is swarming with doves.


Uruguay Dove HuntingUruguayan Wingshooting

Simply the most undiscovered wing-shooting opportunity in South America, the dove hunting in the western provinces of Uruguay offers the same popular high-volume dove hunts that made Argentina famous all those years ago. Just to the east of Cordoba, Argentina, and split by the Uruguay River, lie the wing-shooting provinces of western Uruguay. More specifically, the regions of Paysandú and Rio Negro are home to many of the countries largest dove roosts. The bird populations in South America remain one of the great wonders of the world for sportsmen and women who have experienced it. Uruguay truly is the new frontier for high-volume wing-shooting, and any of our roosts will amaze even the most well traveled shooters.


Estancia San CiriloSouth American Hunting Lodge

Aside from the number of birds in the region, the fact that they fly constantly throughout the day is a dove hunters dream. Much of Uruguay’s appeal comes from shooting doves over different terrain, in different situations, and in new locations. The doves will fly continuously from sun up to sun down, so it is easy to relax , pick your shots, and enjoy the day. In Uruguay, the choice is yours, spend the morning hidden amongst acres of sunflowers, soybeans, or sorghum as the doves swarm the fields, or situate near one of the hundreds of small tributaries off of the Uruguay River as flock after flock bombard these popular water holes, or even spend the evening on the roosts edge and shoot to your hearts desire as millions of doves return to roost before sunset.  


The species that provides this opportunity in Uruguay is the Eared Dove, which are almost identical to the U.S. morning dove. The species breeds nearly year round, and they roost together by the millions in Eucalyptus stands throughout the popular provinces. The overwhelming populations create a nuisance for the farmers and their crops, and they truly enjoy and appreciate the hunter’s attempt at controlling their growth. 















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