Perdiz - South American Partridge    

Its been said by sportsmen and women around the world, that the Perdiz hunting in Uruguay is the best in South America. The Perdiz is found in Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay, but nowhere else is the Perdiz more prevalent than in the western regions of Uruguay. An upland hunter's dream, and a bird dogs paradise, the country of Uruguay is THE destination for traditional sportsmen seek an unparalleled opportunity at the sporty Perdiz.


Uruguay Perdiz HuntingUruguay Perdiz Hunting

The wild Perdiz is very similar to the upland birds of North America in the their size and body shape, but very different in their fly patterns and covey styles. The Perdiz are most commonly found in scattered singles and pairs throughout low cut fields and rolling plains of Uruguay. They are characterized by their speedy flush, the unique whistle of their rapid wing-beat, and their notable departing speed. As a member of the Tinamidea family, the Perdiz’s primary instinct is to walk, low to the ground, making scent trails easy for pointers, and holding well for sportsmen. One of the most attractive qualities of the Perdiz is its natural instinct to hold for flush, and its ability to depart with speed, this combination makes an enjoyable morning or afternoon over upland bird hunting dogs.


PerdizSouth America Wingshooting

The rolling clover fields and grazing pastures that cover the small country of Uruguay offer the best habitat for the small game bird, which is one of the reasons the bird is so prevalent throughout the country. These fields offer great natural cover, plenty of food and nutrition, and more often that not hold small water sources in or around them. There ability to hide in these short shrub fields and low brush pastures ensures that the walk is easy, and the hunt is enjoyable. The Perdiz feed on small insects, grubs, clovers, and seed, making them excellent table fair. With the natural instinct to walk, run, and hunker as their primary defense, the breast meat of the Perdiz is a tender, white meat that makes eating the game bird second only to the hunt.


The fact that the female Perdiz mature within months of hatching and can reproduce and lay eggs (4-6) time a year, and are notoriously found in well concealed location helps contribute to their strong population. Also contributing to their growing numbers is the fact that very few local Uruguayan’s find the sport of hunting Perdiz attractive, this allows for a naturally strong conservation program that provides the sporting opportunity that has become so popular for upland hunters. Greatly enjoyed by the traditional sportsmen or women, the Uruguay Perdiz hunt is highlighted by the work of well trained upland bird hunting dogs, countless flushes, and a challenging adversary. A truly unique and traditional experience, the Perdiz hunting in Uruguay can only be truly realized through experience.















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