Rio Chico Tarpon Fishing    

While some fishermen search the world's waters for giant Tarpon, those that weigh well over 100 pounds-perhaps even more anglers look for areas where schools of small Tarpon are found. Their reason is sound. First of all, it is not as tiring to land a small Tarpon as it is to land a giant. Secondly, the sporting challenge is preserved by using light tackle. Finally, these anglers prefer to catch many fish. The Tacarigua Lagoon, called Rio Chico, harbors a remarkable Tarpon fishery and houses thousands of scarlet ibis and other bird species; so, each day begins and ends in an unforgettable rookery. This breathtaking nesting area is near the exit of the lagoon and the small harbor where native guides launch their skiffs. Protected from commercial fishing since the turn of the 20th century, and separated from the Atlantic Ocean by a strip-shaped beach and larger lakes.


Venezuela Tarpon FishingTarpon Fishing in Venezuela

Because its richness in forage fish and other foods, it is an ideal habitat for small Tarpon and Snook. Most of the Tarpon range from five to ten pounds, so bass-type tackle works well. There are also bigger tarpon, from ten to thirty pounds. Occasionally a person hooks a trophy of over fifty pounds on light tackle, which turns the challenge from exciting into spectacular. The fishing consists of two sessions per day, with a lunch break and siesta. In Tacarigua Lagoon light tackle is the norm as there are an abundance of small to medium size Tarpon (average around 10 pounds). This makes for lots of action sparked by peaks of excitement when one is lucky enough to hook a 30+ pounder.


Fishing Rio Chico, VenezuelaRio Chico Fishing Trips

New sixteen-feet boats powered by outboard motors, casting platforms, swivel chairs and rod holders, skippered by native guides who will take you to the Tarpon grounds. You typically begin casting the mangrove pockets with a fly or plug. Surface lures will often work, and a strike on top water is a great thrill. If you have never fished for Tarpon or Snook this is an excellent training ground before moving on to other destinations where you may only get 2 or 3 shots at bigger fish each day. At times the action can be incredible with excellent numbers of snook and tarpon being caught.


Tortugero LodgeTortuga Lodge

We are pleased to introduce a new option for lodging our clients at Rio Chico: Tortuga Lodge, which is the only lodge allowed within "Laguna de Tacarigua National Park", advantageously close to the best spots for tarpon fishing (just five minutes away). Anglers and their companions enjoy lovely, well-ventilated accommodations at the Tortuga Lodge, the only lodge allowed within the "Laguna de Tacarigua National Park." The lodge lies advantageously close to the best spots for tarpon fishing (just five minutes away). Tortuga Lodge offers nine comfortable villas right on the beach, each one divided into two areas with private baths and a total capacity of six anglers.











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