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Sailfish, Marlin, Dorado (Dolphin), and Yellowfin Tuna are the most common species in Guatemala. But make no mistake about it, this is the best sailfishing spot in the world. On average, you can experience 15 to 20 bites a day and during the peak season of October through June, 40 or more bites is not uncommon. The top boats release over 2,000 sailfish a year. On March 11, 2006, the daily release record was achieved with an unbelievable 124 sailfish releases. These Pacific Sailfish average 90 to 100 pounds, but sailfish over 125 pounds are common.


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The Pacific coast of Guatemala features some of the world's most consistently calm billfishing waters. Fishing in Guatemala normally takes place in an area called the "Pocket", a deep underwater canyon that is 30 Nm wide. On many days fishing will start between only 12 to 15 miles offshore on the tip of the canyon. On other days they may run as far as 40 miles if that is what it takes to put you on fish. Marlin fishing in Guatemala in recent times has been exceptional and is clearly some of the best in the world. Blues, stripes and blacks are all caught in Guatemalan waters, with blue marlin in the 300 to 600 pound range being the most common. In recent years it has not been uncommon for the best captains to raise 4 or more marlin in a day. Marlin can be caught year round in Guatemala but the largest concentrations seem to occur in September through December.


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Both bait fishing and fly fishing is available. When targeting billfish you will use artificial teasers and naked rigged natural baits such as ballyhoo. High quality Shimano 20 to 50 pound class stand-up tackle is used. Bait and switch tactics provide anglers with the most exciting fishing experience possible. Guatemala is a world leader in conservation. All baits are rigged with circle hooks and of course, all billfishing is catch and release, insuring that this fishing hot spot will remain the angler's choice for many years to come. Pacific Fins' fleet features the newest, fastest and most luxurious sportfishing yachts in Guatemala. Every boat is meticulously maintained for your comfort and safety. All of our boats are equipped with top of the line tackle. The crews are the best in the world. Each boat features an experienced Captain and two excellent mates.


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If you've ever dreamed of catching a 100 lb sailfish on fly, it's time to discover Guatemala sport fishing. With a year-round abundant sailfish population, you will have more opportunities for hook-ups than anywhere in the world. Pacific Fins experienced captains and mates can help the knowledgeable or teach the novice the art of fly fishing for billfish. You may also have the opportunity for dorado or tuna on fly - great fighters and a challenge to your angling skills. Each year they are also landing more and more Marlin on fly. When fly fishing for sailfish your numbers will vary a little more than the conventional angler. There are more moving parts when fly fishing. Fly anglers will generally be 1 out of 3 or 1 out of 4 in releases to hook ups. But you just can't beat getting a sailfish on fly - it is a full throttle experience that gets into your angling blood.


Pacific Fins Resort carries Cam Sigler 14 wt fly rods. The reels consist of Tibor's "Pacific" model, Abel, and the Billy Pate "Marlin". They recommend Cam Sigler's "Pink Squid" tube fly and the most successful color is pink and white. If rigging them yourself, 6/0 "J" hooks are preferred.












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