Canada's Wollaston Lake Lodge    

Wollaston Lake is renowned for its monster Northern Pike and is considered by many to be the finest Northern Pike fishery in the world. In 2001 alone, nearly 1,400 trophy Northern Pike over 40 inches long were caught and released. In addition, powerful Lake Trout are abundant and ready to do battle. Sought-after Walleye run in the river directly in front of the Lodge. And the spectacular, acrobatic fighters, Arctic Grayling, are just a short fly-out away.


Wollaston Lake - Lake TroutCanada Grand Slam Fishing

As a result, Wollaston Lake is one of the few places left where you can catch all four of the fish that form the famous "Grand Slam" of freshwater fishing. They're all here, ready to give you the thrills of a lifetime in a single fishing adventure. Our expert guides have what it takes to help you in that quest. They're a wealth of knowledge on the fish, the lake, and the entire surrounding area. And yes, they all perform unforgettable magic with shore lunches.


Wollaston Lake Lodge Fishing BoatsHigh Performance Equipment

Travel first class in our fleet of Lund Pro-V 18-foot boats, designed and built exclusively for us. Powered by 80-hp Yamaha four-stroke engines, they handle big water smoothly and efficiently. Comfortable interiors include spring-ride pedestal seating, raised casting decks, wide gunnels, Lowrance X-85 depth finders and Motor Guide trolling motors. At Wollaston Lake Lodge, sport fishing enthusiasts and newbies alike are given the chance to fish in the very best Saskatchewan waters available. Fishing Canada is always said to be the best way to do it, but you have to know where to look. You can't just drive a few minutes out of Montreal, stop at the first river you see and think, "Hey, I’m fishing Canada!"


Wollaston Lake Northern PikePike Fishing

Wollaston Lake Lodge contains some of the very best pike fishing in North America - and perhaps even the world - but it's important that you respect what is a powerful underwater adversary. The Northern pike is a fighter in every sense of word. He won't go quietly, that's for sure. He'll toy with you, too, and beginner anglers are especially susceptible. Don't be surprised if, when pike fishing, your bait is nibbled at but never completely bitten. That's just the Northern pike toying with you. He's ravenous, so he'll be back for food. Just hold tight and don't lose patience.


Northern pike are renown for their mid-air acrobatics and fighting spirit. That explains why professional anglers come from all over to enjoy the pike fishing at Wollaston Lake Lodge, but it also explains why beginners are a bit apprehensive about tackling the Northern pike. At Wollaston Lake Lodge, however, you shouldn't worry about lack of experience or reticence; our expert guides know the lake better than anyone, and they understand pike fishing. You'll have guides accompany you on every expedition, so you'll definitely be in good hands. By all means, respect the Northern pike. Just don't fear it. If you're too scared to go pike fishing at Wollaston, you'll be missing out on some of the best pike fishing in the world.












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