Wollaston Lake Lodge - Surrounding You in Comfort    

Finding this kind of comfort this far north is completely unheard of. But after an exhilarating day of fishing, it's everything you need and want. Our Lodge is a masterpiece of relaxing spaces for dining, entertainment, panoramic lake-viewing and rejuvenation. Our internationally trained chefs will dazzle you with meals that seem impossible so far into the wilderness. Although nature is at its finest here, we're also equipped with the latest in movies and big-screen satellite entertainment, game tables, a full-service bar, fine wines, humidor, and a well-stocked tackle and gear shop.


Wollaston Lake Lodge CabinsAll the Amenities

From a piping hot pot of coffee delivered to your cabin every morning, to electronic communications equipment and computer connections, attention to detail is a Wollaston Lake Lodge Specialty. Even on a fly-out you're never out of touch in case of emergency, because satellite phones travel with every fly-out guide. Private cabins are spread across the grounds, and allow you a choice of comfortable accommodations for one to eight people. Each is outfitted with thoughtful details, including private hot showers, big, thick terry towels and warm flannel sheets.


Wollaston Lake LodgeWollaston Lake Lodge

For most people, fresh water fishing conjures up images of getting up at the crack of dawn, driving for hours only to stand knee-deep in a muddy lake or, if you were lucky, to float in a dingy little boat with a leak, munching on soggy sandwiches while hoping for just one measly little bite. You'd return home – more often than not – with an empty creel and fantasies of a luxury fishing lodge swirling around your head. You might even go so far as to imagine just what a luxury fishing lodge would include. As fishers, people assume we prefer everything dirty, cold, and uncomfortable. And I'll admit – there's a certain honor to getting up early and hitting the lake, weather be damned. But we like comfort, too! That's why we created Lake Wollaston Lodge, with its luxurious cabins, modern amenities, and attentive team of wait-staff.


Wollaston Lake WalleyeFly Fishing

Any fly fisherman worth his salt knows of the intrinsic beauty of fly fishing. Poetry in motion: the snapping of the line over your shoulder, and the smooth arc of the fly as it sails over your head and into the water on its quest to snag the mighty pike, or the worthy trout. No, you aren't merely sinking a worm baited on a hook, hoping for some hungry fish to blunder into your clumsy trap. Instead, you subtly beguile the fish. You create the image of a hapless insect pausing on the lake's surface, tantalizingly in reach for the trout that dares try for it. Such careful artistry deserves true luxury. On all counts, the Wollaston Lake Lodge qualifies as the premier luxury fly fishing lodge. Once you're ready to start fishing, we'll make it go as smoothly as possible. Our guides are experienced fly fishers who know the lake like the back of their hands, and they're very willing to help guide you. Our fishing boats have enormous casting decks with plenty of room for you to move around.


Wollaston Lake Fishing Lodge, located in Canada's scenic Saskatchewan region, does what few other fishing lodges can do: effectively combine the gritty, oftentimes messy world of big time sport fishing with the comfort and luxury of an expensive resort. Our fishing lodge is comfortable, but it doesn't get in the way of actually fishing. It's not so frilly and nice that you're going to worry about getting the sheets dirty, if you know what I mean. It's far better than driving for six hours at the crack of dawn only to get to a dirty lake full of other fisherman with only a few fish to go around – that's for sure.












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